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Updated: 10/16/2020
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  • Exposition
  • Inciting Incident
  • Zeus is a clown, to rule the world.
  • Rising Action
  • I am sorry, can you please forgive me?
  • Your queen insulted me and the other gods
  • I'll be fine dad, don't worry.
  • Only if you sacrifice Carina to me!
  • Once upon a time, In a lovely kingdom, there lived King Sirion and Queen Theana who had a pure daughter named Carina.
  • Rising Action
  • This is my son, Pictor, and he will be your husband.
  • So Pictor is a god's son huh! Banish Carina, and Pictor,
  • Queen Theana would spend her time, taunting the gods, but Carina had heard her taunts every day, and was scared that this could create a major problem
  • Climax
  • Poor Carina and Pictor, they didn't deserve this. To show their importance to Theana, I will turn them into constellations.
  • Poseidon heard these taunts and sent waves to flood the kingdom. When Sirion asked for forgivenes, Posiden told him to sacrifice his daughter to him. Sad as he was, he sacrificed Carina.
  • Resolution
  • So you banished our daughter and son? For this injustice, you are banished.
  • When Carina came to palace of Poseidon, she found out that Poseidon asked for her not only to teach her mom lesson, but to also to get married to Poseidon's son. After the couple got married, the 2 went to see Carina's parents for blessings. Her parents were happy.
  • This Pictor, and he is my husband.
  • Our Daughter
  • Queen Theana first, was very happy to see Carina come with a husband, but after she learned that Pictor was a god's son, she decided to banish Carina and Pictor, on this note. Uranus, the god of the sky didn't want this to happen, so he turned them into constellations to show their importance.
  • When King Sirion learned the news, he was furious. Because Theana banished Carina and Pictor, she was banished too to feel the same pain they are feeling.
  • Please don't banish me.
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