Twelfth Night / Shes the Man
Updated: 3/29/2021
Twelfth Night / Shes the Man

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  • Oh good news, it's about time.
  • I'm going to patrician brothers to play for the basketball team
  • Yeh, and you must be Merry's Boyfriend
  • Hey, you must be Merry's best friend
  • And it's Samantha, Viola's not here
  • Oh hey, Olivia
  • Doing Viola
  • Samantha - I don’t know aye, the last time I saw her was at home in Samuel’s room
  • Where's Viola at?
  • oh yeh, Toby who do you think is better
  • G I don't know, You both have been getting the last three shoots
  • Nah, G your trash
  • Oi Orsino reckon Samuel should try out for our basketball team
  • Yeh, he should Samuel try out's is on friday
  • Yo I'll be there