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Updated: 3/10/2020
Caleb Medina
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  • The Setting of the story takes place in Greece in Athens and the Labyrinth, King Minos demands Athens to send 7 young men and 7 young women to sacrifice themselves in the Labyrinth.
  • Theseus tries to convince his father that he is capable of slaying the minotaur in the Labyrinth and come back safe. His father then agrees to let him go as long as he can promise him that he put up white sails to show that he has completed the journey.
  • This is the rising action of the story because the hero of the story Theseus, is being held upside down by the Moinotaur and is in a very vaulnerable spot.This leaves a sense of tension for the reader because they won't know what will happen next.
  • This is the climax of the story because Theseus has slayed the beast, but has dropped the string Aridane (King Minos' daughter) has gifted him to get out of the labyrinth when they first met at the entrance of the Labyrinth. This is the climax because our hero has completed his journey but still faces an obstacle he needs to get past.
  • This is the falling action because Theseus finds the string Aridane gives him and escapes, he takes Aridane with him to escape the island but finds out she wants to marry him. He doesn't love her back so he leaves her on an island. The gods didn't like this so they punished him. This is the falling action because everything in the story is resolved.
  • This is the resolution because in punishment for leaving Aridane the gods punishment was Theseus forgetting to put up white sails, and the father dying by killing himself. This is the resolution because Theseus has officialy arrived safe and the reader learns the theme of the story.
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