6.2 Discussion
Updated: 4/21/2020
6.2 Discussion

Storyboard Text

  • Teacher
  • Challenging, but not too hard
  • Social interaction; a chance to work with others
  • What do my students need.....
  • Keeping students engaged; move around
  • Student
  • Glamorous......Frigid.......Dim......Gloomy.......Fresh......Tidy
  • I need to challenge this student.
  • Text
  • The Map of Good Memories by Fran Nuño
  • Lion and Mouse by Jairo Buitrago
  • I think you would see the roof of a jungle gym and dots for people if you were flying. If you were on the ground, you would see people's faces and the rest of the jungle gym.
  • I had to think a little harder on how to make the lessons geared towards an older elementary student. Also, my student is high ability in ELA. I had to make my plans suitable for a high ability learner and also keep her engaged with the lesson. During the whole group lesson, I wanted to make sure that students were moving around a bit and interacting with other students since it was a longer lesson.
  • Context
  • I think trees would kind of look like green clouds if you were in the sky, but you could see the trunk if you were in the park.
  • Turn and talk to your neighbor about what you would see in a park if you were flying above it and if you were standing in it.
  • The third-grade student is High Ability in English Language Arts and reads at a 5th grade "proficient" level (830L). I chose words that were at a higher level for the Word Choice assessment during the SGI Lesson 2. Frigid was a more challenging word for her. She read the word correctly, but did not know the meaning. There were a couple words that were challenging (meaning) and that was the part that didn't go as well.
  • Task
  • Their relationship was not good in the beginning. The lion wanted to eat the mouse, but did him a favor by not eating him. The mouse returned the favor by getting the lion out of the trap. Then, their relationship changed and they began doing things for each other because they wanted to, not to get something back in exchange.
  • How would you describe how the relationship between the Lion and the Mouse changed throughout the story?
  • The books I chose for the SGI and Whole Group Instruction was at an appropriate level for my student. Lion and Mouse, once input into the Oral Reading Fluency Passage Generator, placed this ebook at a third grad level. The Map of Good Memories has a Lexile of 820L., which is at the student's reading level. Each book held the interest of the student and she enjoyed reading about the memory places of the girl in the story.
  • Extra (Something that went well)
  • You are acting out the vocabulary word "astonished."
  • There were times in the lessons when the student was to turn and talk to their neighbor (me in this case) because social interaction with peers is necessary during learning. This activity was to help show different points of view, and then we drew the different viewpoints of the park. It was engaging for the student and it helped show the concept that was being taught.
  • The student and I took turns reading the text. This is something that I would have called on multiple students to do in the classroom. Although the answer could be found in the text, the student had to "read between the lines" to come up with this answer, which promoted a higher level of thinking. I asked 7 during and after reading questions, although some of those questions led to other unscripted questions.
  • During the vocabulary portion of the Whole Group Instruction, I had "students" acting out the different vocabulary words. These words happened to be words that you could show through movement and facial expressions (astonish, exclaim, recognize, glutton, annoy). The student enjoyed acting the words out for me to guess.