Creating a Stable Food Supply
Updated: 11/10/2020
Creating a Stable Food Supply

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  • Developing New JobsBy: Emma Highfield
  • The most important job of the Paleolithic people was to find food in order to survive.
  • Some of our jobs in Catal Hoyuk were weaving, building, tool-making, and farming.
  • We decorated pottery and polished stones to make our lives mean something and make our surroundings more beautiful. Also, we have more time on our hands to make these things and try new things to create.
  • The development of jobs was important so we can specialize, so the products that come out of it are more advanced. Also, with all the work divided up there was more time for us to innovate and try new things.
  • Overall, the development of jobs was a great innovation. Without jobs, everything would dissolve into chaos.