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Little Home
Updated: 9/3/2020
Little Home
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  • Action: Erick went to take out the trash at his work. When he went out the back and saw a small dog in a box. He went over and kneeled.Fx: Went black. Than this panel appears. Cars honking in background.
  • Hey little guy
  • Arf arf!
  • Action: Erick walked along with his excited corgi. He has decided to bring him home with him. He than welcomes Elliot and decides his name. Fx: Giggles as screen fades into black with Sunflower playing
  • Well, you are going to need a name, huh little guy? How about... Elliot?
  • Here is your new home
  • Arf arf!!
  • RRrr
  • Action: Erick gives Elliot a bath in a kitty pool. Erick lets out laughter. The corgi's tail wags in excitement and attacks new owner with kisses.Fx: Sunflower by Post Malone is still playing. As laughter and barking is heard.
  • Okay, you silly dog! Ha
  • Hahahaha
  • Rrr arf arf
  • Action: Erick takes Elliot inside the house and welcomes him home. His brother is taking a photo. Fx: (From last scene) Skipped to this scene (same music but just instrumental)
  • Welcome home!!
  • Come on boy!
  • Action: As Erick is about to take Elliot on walk they bump into Amanda and her dog (Lily). They exchange hellosFx: (This after 2 months. Erick ]. It will start with Erick exiting the door. And transition with the camera going to the sky.
  • 2 months later
  • Aah! I'm sorry! Lily come here!
  • I guess so... I'm Amanda
  • I'm Erick...
  • Haha... it's okay. I guess they like each other.
  • Action: 5 years later Erick and Elliot both grew a new family. Erick kneels down and shows baby Christine . As puppies run into the scene.Fx: The "The End" begins to appear on screen and turns white around the two words.
  • 5 years later
  • Hey Elliot! Meet your new family member. Her name is Christine.
  • Awwwrff!
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