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Without The Bill of Rights
Updated: 11/19/2019
Without The Bill of Rights
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  • Situation 1: The Sixth AmendmentIn this situation the women found the man waiting for the bus stop in pain. She tries to help and gets someone to call the hospital.
  • The pain, I can't take it!
  • Sir, stay calm I'm a doctor I can help you until paramedics come to help
  • Hurry someone call 911 he is hurt!
  • Situation 1: The Sixth AmendmentNow the women is being arrested and sent to jail, even though she is innocent. She was the only witness and the victim is in a coma so the police believe she is the reason why the man was in pain.
  • Ma'ma you are under arrest for the poisoning of Steve here
  • I swear officer I didn't do anything, all I tried to do is help
  • Situation 1: Amendment 6Now the woman is in the middle of a ten-year sentence for poisoning the man. She was never given a trial because the amendment that guarantees tail by jury is now gone. She would have been found innocent in a trial but because the bill of rights is gone she was never given this chance.
  • How did this happen, what have I become!
  • Situation 1:The Sixth AmendmentThis shows the difference between jails when the sixth amendment was in place (left) and when it isn't in place (right). The women who was falsely accused because she wasn't given a trail, is on the right along with many other innocent people. Without the sixth amendment and trial by jury many people would be falsely accused and jails would be over filling.
  • BANK
  • Situation 2:The Sixth AmendmentIn this situation the women is robbing a bank and the man who is working there is calling the police while the robbery is in process.
  • I would never!
  • Did you rob this bank?!?
  • OK, I believe you
  • Situation 2:The Sixth AmendmentNow the robber told the police officer that she didn't rob the bank and since he just believes her the robber will go free even though there is evidence that if tried in court she would go to jail, but without the sixth amendment this will never happen.
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