Updated: 4/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • I finally go my bow where is Python
  • Rising action 2
  • Apollo was the son of Zeus and Apollo was known for being one of the most beautiful gods , his golden bow and arrow,music, poetry,mathematics, and medicine but, Apollo was also known for getting Zeus mad and almost getting banished from the company of gods.
  • Climax
  • When Apollo first received his bow he wanted to kill Python because he hunted Apollo's mom and then he went to Dryad's to find out that Python was living on Mount Parnassus so he then went to the top of the mountain he saw Python waving his tail standing on the mountain
  • Falling Action
  • Apollo shot Python in his huge tail and heard Python scream with agony and Apollo raced down the cliff to see if Python would die but, as soon as he got there Python was nowhere to be found but there was a trail of blood so Apollo tracked him down.
  • Resolution
  • Apollo hunted Python down into a cave but, Apollo could not follow him so he aimed his bow inside the cave and shot as many arrows and the arrows turned into flames and smoked the cave so Python had to come out and Apollo shot his final arrow.
  • After Apollo killed Python he skinned off his scales and gave the hide as a gift . Now mount Parnassus was a sacred place and priestess had to bless the mountains.
  • Who Wants This ?
  • Apollo then go into trouble with his father Zeus because mother earth told him that he killed her python so Apollo then told her that he will honer him by having games called the Pythian games and they both manged to make amends
  • Mother earth told me that you killed her python is this true?