The Long Haul
Updated: 5/28/2021
The Long Haul

Storyboard Text

  • Pack your bags we're going on a road trip!
  • Greg was planning to spend his summer enjoying TV and Video Games but then out of nowhere his mum told him that they were going on a family road trip.
  • 200 yrds
  • !
  • Greg's mum and dad told everybody to pack to bare essentials so they could fit everything in the car. However, everybody packed way more than they needed.
  • VOTE
  • Greg's mum started sorting through everything and choosing what was essential and what was not essential but they still could not fit all of the essential stuff in the car. They ended up towing dad's boat filled with everything they could not fit in the car. 
  • Their road trip quickly became a catastrophe with Mum choosing everything that they did.
  • Greg's Mum admitted the road trip was a catastrophe and said maybe if they made decisions as a family and everybody voted on what they want to do they could turn the trip around.
  • One day they voted to go to a waterpark but Greg's mum did not like the idea and said they were going to the beach. To get to the beach they had to cross a bridge but Greg's dad does not like driving on bridges. So Greg's older brother drove but crashed into he car in front of them. Luckily some kind people helped Greg and his family to get home.