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What's Yo Style Girl!(Part 1)
Updated: 9/20/2018
What's Yo Style Girl!(Part 1)
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  • Today is Jelesia's first day of 8th grade, she is going into a new school because her old school broke down. Nervousness is overflowing her body.Lets she how she gets through the first day of school. Jelesia is the type of person who loves to welcome people and being her self. But she not feelin so confident.
  • Its going to be great sweet heart. HEY where's your bow?
  • Mom do I really have to go to this new school?How about I wait till the new school is rebuilt.
  • It is right here on my head.Bye mom hugs kisses later.
  • This is Jelesia's best friend Jakayla. SHe is trying to make her feel better about going to the new school.With the bow she sort of feels low self esteem.
  • hey Jelesia
  • Jelesia where's your bow?
  • Hey Jakayla.
  • Umm it must have dropped when we were walking.
  • When Jelesia and Jakayla are comparing their schedules they are dissopointed.
  • Aww we only have one class together!!!
  • Nooo my baby's are growing up so fast.
  • Well I will just say I agree what you agree with
  • When Jelesia gets home from school,she wanted to talk to her mom about her new style. But she just doesn't know how to put it.
  • I didn't think it would be that easy.
  • So mom, I don't really think I want to wear bows anymore.
  • wow,ok I"m going go to my room.
  • Jelesia we love your bows!!!
  • What are bows??
  • Haha really Kyng.let's go play.
  • Jelesia's sibilings Sydnee and Kyng try to help her make her choice easier by encouraging her.Her brother not so much.
  • Thanks SydSyd I love them too!
  • Ha! he doesn't know what a bow is.
  • She's in her room thinking new hair styles to go with that would match with a bow style.
  • I got it french braids, but who's going to braid it? MOMMM.
  • Mabey a puff, braids, bald, pick-tails. I NEED HELP!!
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