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Updated: 11/24/2020
Unknown Story

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  • This was our land!!!!
  • cannot cross line!
  • what do you mean their is a tax!
  • sorry their is a tax
  • No taxation without representation!!!
  • Proclamation of 1763: an imaginary line on appalachian mountains so colonists were not able to be wast of the line. this was to protect the indians in western lands.
  • Don't buy British goods!
  • Sugar and Stamp Act: The (Stamp Act) was when legal documents, newspapers, playing cards, and dice, had a stamp on them for proof it was bought. The (Sugar Act) was were molasses had a tax on it.
  • This is crazy!
  • No Taxation without representation: The colonists taxes went against the fact that there should be no "taxation without representation"
  • keep going!!!!
  • Townshend Act/Reaction: colonists did not want this tax and they started to boycott the British goods, this made parliament remove the tax.
  • Boston Massacre: British soldiers panick and fired shots into a large crowed killing 5 people.
  • Boston Tea Party: colonists board ships at the harbor and throw tea off the boats into the water then British respond with harsh laws for all the damage.