Updated: 10/18/2021

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  • Auggie getting ready for school
  • Auggie
  • Mrs.Pullman
  • 🍕
  • Auggie's First Day of 5th Grade
  • "Hi. I’m Summer what’s your name?"
  • Bleeding scream
  • “I don’t even like him! He’s a freak!”
  • Auggie Pullman has never been to school before because his face looks different from other people, and his parents are afraid that he would be bullied. Finally, they decided that Auggie should go to school even though they were worried.
  • Peer pressure
  • 0n the first day of school, Auggie meets Summer and other friends like Jack and Charlotte. Most of his friends were asked to be friends with him because of his appearance but, Summer was different from others; she was just being kind.
  • Fifth grade camping trip
  • On Halloween, Auggie was supposed to be Boba Fett, but instead he put on his Bleeding scream costume from last year. Then, when he walked to his classroom, he saw Jack and Julian talking about him. Jack didn’t realize that it was Auggie because he was supposed to be in a different costume. He heard Jack told Julian that he was a freak and other mean things about him.
  • Soon, the teacher a assigned a science project and she is going to choose there partners. Auggie became partners with Jack, and since they got a fight, it was kinda embarrassing. After class, Julian told Jack that if he doesn’t want to be partners with Auggie, then he could tell the teacher. Jack said that it’s fine but Julian kept bugging him and telling him how bad Auggie is. Jack then became mad and punched Julian in the face. As a result he got in trouble, but he and Auggie became friends again.