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My Myth
Updated: 10/8/2020
My Myth
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  • Exposition/characters and setting are introduced
  • Inciting Incident/event that begins the conflict.
  • Rising Action(conflict develops)
  • This Kahita, wife of the sun God Apollo, daughter of Winter goddess Khione and the winter god Marzanna.
  • Rising Action(conflict develops)
  • Kahita loved winter! She loved it so much that she wanted to become the ruler of winter. Unfortunately, her twin sister, Kahito had already took that spot.
  • Climax( turning point)
  • Kahito lied on her sister and told their parents that Kahita was very untrustworthy and selfish. Kahita never forgot that day. She always tried to tell her parents the truth but they would never believe her.
  • Falling Action/ Resolution (End)
  • Kahita held so much anger that it all burst out. She then was thirsty for revenge. Kahita didn't know how to get her sister back, but then it came to her. She had to lie, and Kahita did just that. She told her parents that Kahito made winter warm and didn't even care.
  • Soon Marzannna and Khione punished Kahito and turning her into a maid for the palace. And as for Kahita, she was the ruler of winter! She felt bad about lying so she told her parents the truth and what Kahito actually did.
  • They weren't pleased about Kahita's decision, but they were glad she told the truth. She was so happy that she threw frozen droplets in the air, and named them snow. And that's how snow got its name.
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