Nolans comic
Updated: 1/19/2021
Nolans comic

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  • Hi!!
  • hi
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  • Once upon a time there lived an old man named Bob. He was the happiest person in the world. He had powers that know one knew because of this he started to lose his happiness because the public shamed people for powers.
  • ok
  • hmm
  • fine
  • However there was a hidden group of people who also have powers. They were smelly and dirty because they had to live under the city in the sewers. He met up with them.
  • He was surprised to find there was a bigger group of these people in the mucky dark sewers. Jen, matt, CJ, carl, ben, mattie and noah They were all different they all liked each other
  • He met them all and found out they would be the most nice people of all hiding down below. He was overjoyed he needed to show the world As he told them his plan they seemed nervous.
  • The city streets were mad at these people and they were mad to see the old man could fly as they walked and flew the big and powerful city streets with joy the people started to realize that it was not that bad.
  • Some people in the street with hidden powers joined in the group the group were grateful for the old man for letting them get out being able to use your powers was a common thing now thanks to the old man and the group.