Updated: 12/16/2019
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  • Is she literally sleeping in business class right now?!
  • *Snoring sounds*
  • Yeah! We have a test on this tomorrow. She's totes gonna fail!
  • Taylor Swift?! What are you doing here
  • I'm here to make sure you understand the four principles which the U.S. economic system is based on.
  • Is he gonna call the cops?! I can't go back to juvie!
  • The first is private property--where a person could own, use, or dispose things of value. Like this man. He owns this house.
  • What you lil' ladies doing on MY private property You better git before I call the cops!
  • Thanks again for selling the tiger to me Baljeet.
  • Next is freedom of choice where a person can make an economic decision independently like to work, sell, produce, or buy things but they must accept the consequences. In this case, a man is selling something he is not supposed to and that lady is buying something she's not supposed to. If caught, he would have to accept the consequences.
  • She better not tell anyone...
  • Then we have profit.
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