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hunger games
Updated: 9/24/2020
hunger games
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hunger games

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  • gale dont think we should run away what about are family and what if they find us
  • we should run away so we dont haven't to do the reaping and live life freely
  • these are our new contestants for the reaping
  • i dont want to leave my my family they dont know how to survive with out me
  • katnees and gale are hunting before the reaping so they can have a good dinner to those who where pick for the reaping they where hunting and got some barriers to sell to the Mayer for money and bought some breed for dinner they went to the reaping in the town square
  • well this is new i have never been on a train before
  • this is going to be cool but how long will it take
  • katnees sister gets choose for the reaping but katness came up and took her place and the boy reaping was peeta are choosen for the hunger games
  • i have never had a hot shower before this is going to feel good before the dinner
  • katnees and peeta are saying good bye to everyone and katness was telling her mom to take care of sister and peetas dad comes in and says nothing just give her some cookies
  • eeewww
  • katness and peeta are getting ready to be on there first train and this goes up to 250 miles per hour peeta and hatmitch got in a fight and he said that we have some good peeple this year because they can fight and katness and throw knifes and shot bows
  • katness gets to the hotel and there about to go eat but first she had to get ready and she had never taking a hot shower before and she wore her gold pin
  • katness and peeta are eating when haymitch come and throw up every where and had to take him to his room and clean him up
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