Cooking animation
Updated: 1/30/2020
Cooking animation
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  • Scene 1: Title
  • Welcome to the cooking show, now today we are following a cooking recipe, follow the steps.
  • Scene 2: Ingredients and equipment
  • Scene 3: Safety Precautions
  • The hazards and precautions before this experiment are being careful with the blender.
  • “Welcome to.. ’. This scene should how the recipe is being made. It should also say my name and introduce myselfbefore it starts. This is the start and first scene of the whole movie for people to know the show.
  • Scene 4: Step by step and assembly of the recipe
  • This scene will show exactly what wouldbe needed to create the recipe. It will also show the amount of each required. This is so that the viewer would know how much of each component is needed for the meal made.
  • Scene 5: Final product is shown
  • This is done to warn the viewer about the hazards and pre-cautions which could potentionaly harm the viewer during the making of the recipe. After this step, the recipe or meal is ready to start being made.
  • Scene 6: Social Media
  • In this scene, the process will be shown from blending the fruits together after cutting them up. Adding ice, and finally tasting it. This is the longest scene as the whole process of making the smoothie is created here
  • In this scene, I will be showing the viewers the final product and how it became at the end. This will show what the step by step process became finally and convince people to make it after watching the show.
  • After being done showing the final product and the end result of the food, posting it on social media will help spread it and make it more known, since the recipe needs to spread for my problem for this unit.
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