The Highwayman
Updated: 4/29/2020
The Highwayman

Storyboard Text

  • The Highway man rides into the night to go visit his girlfriend.
  • i am going to see my girlfriend
  • hello girlfriend. I must go and venture out. I don't know what shall cross my path, but alas i will never fail to return to you.
  • The Highwayman meets his girlfriend and promises to return to her.
  • ok
  • A man spies on their conversation behind a tree.
  • I am also in love with her. But she loves him. :(
  • We're going to shoot The highwayman when he comes to your window.
  • King George's soldiers rush into the girls room and tie her up.
  • WHAAAAAATTT!!!!??!?!?!?!?
  • The girl realizes what she has to do to save him.
  • The Highway man rides into the night not knowing what has occurred.
  • what was that loud bang noise?