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How can I be President?
Updated: 3/9/2020
How can I be President?
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Storyboard Description

Civics 3B 9th Children's book on Presidential Election process

Storyboard Text

  • One morning, Daddy turned on the TV, and I saw the President giving a speech. I wished I could be President.
  • How can I be President, Mommy?
  • Vote for me! I'm a great kid!
  • Mommy said, "Well first, you have to sign up to become President. Once you sign up, you have to try to get people to vote for you. You can use signs and TV to help people know and like you.
  • If enough people like you, you will be allowed to keep going with the other people running for President that the citizens like.
  • Mommy went to the kitchen to make some breakfast. She told me what would happen next.
  • Daddy continued the story of how to become President during breakfast.
  • After awhile, the people of the United States will vote who they want to be President.
  • A vote is to tell what people want. When people say who they want for President, they write it on paper in put it in a box called a ballot.
  • I didn't know what a vote was, so Daddy explained it while we went for a walk.
  • Next, Mommy talked about the Electoral College. "Then a group of people representing the people of the U.S. also vote. This group of people helps the citizens elect the President," Mommy said. I imagined Mommy and Daddy in the Electoral College voting for me.
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