Never bully someone and never get bullied
Updated: 1/17/2021
Never bully someone and never get bullied

Storyboard Text

  • Hi can I play with you people ?
  • Oh with us oh please no one is gonna play with you
  • Hey what are you doing to her you should feel ashamed go away now !!!!!!
  • Oh no run !!!!!
  • Your Wellcome
  • Thankyou so much
  • Oh really what makes you think that I do have a friend and besides I don't have time for your talks after what you did to me
  • hi loser all alone again I told you no one wants to talk to you
  • I knew you would come to trouble me so I will make very simple for you after what happened yesterday I got a phone so I can call my parents in a click of a button so go away now!!!!!
  • oh no run !!!!
  • Never even think of doing it again