Basketball vs. VolleyBall
Updated: 2/21/2020
Basketball vs. VolleyBall

Storyboard Text

  • After school and at practice
  • Hey Emily, how it going?
  • Hey Jada, its going great. Oh do you play basketball now?
  • Yeah i do ,basketball is way better than volleyball so i decide to join it.
  • UM No it is not volleyball is wayy better than basketball!
  • FINE! Then lets do a couple challenges to see who's better!
  • Fine. but lets go outside to do them and I'm gonna win every single one!
  • We've done so many challenges and we still haven't made up our mind on whats better
  • Yeah this is starting to get boring
  • I think we should just stop competing now, and just go with that both sports are good in its own way
  • Yeah your right. This is getting tiring
  • Let's just agree that both are good sports . Shake on it?
  • yeah agreed