Animal Farm Project 3/18/21

Updated: 3/19/2021
Animal Farm Project 3/18/21

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • The Windmill represents power. At first the pigs use it as a goal that will help the farm be more efficient, however, it later develops into a way for Napoleon to manipulate the animals and make them work more for less food. contradicting his promises and holding power over the animals.
  • This shows Squealer promoting Napoleon and degrading the work the animal's did on the Windmill, pushing them to work even harder.
  • Napoleon promised the animals a lot of prosperity on the farm with this windmill. But in the end, the windmill did not bring more rations or food to the animals. However, animals like Boxer had to work double if not triple to rebuild this windmill over and over. Napoleon used the windmill's potential success as an incentive for the animals to work more, eat less. This allowed the pigs and dogs to become frugal and powerful.
  • Picture this: It has been a bitter winter. The windmill is in ruins, the animals are working hard to fix it.
  • Boxer
  • " 'I will work harder.' (Orwell. 22)".
  • Be more respectful, comrade! The leadership of Napoleon has just got us back our precious land. You better make that windmill, and celebrate this victory! You certainly now owe the windmill to Napoleon after all he has done for you and this farm.
  • Picture this: Fredrick has just destroyed windmill after months of it being built by the animals, but Fredrick is then chased off the Animal Farm. The pigs are celebrating while the animals are sad and confused; pg. 32.
  • Squealer
  • Why are we celebrating?! Our windmill has just been destroyed after months of hard work!
  • Boxer
  • Picture this: Years have passed, and Clover is still alive while many other have died and been forgotten.
  • Clover
  • Despite, windmills being built and providing lots of money for the farm, I still eat little and work a lot; not much has changed. However, the dogs and pigs have become very prosperous. and powerful. Pg. 40
  • In the end, the animals worked endlessly on the windmill to achieve their dream of a better life. However, the outcome has differed due to Napoleon using the idea of freedom and equality as an incentive for the animals to build the windmill so he could gain power and wealth.