Updated: 2/19/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Our theme is a school and we are comparing it to a animal cell.
  • These are the board members and it is the same thing as a chromosomes because they both set rules.
  • In our library it is the same thing as a vacuole because they both are a storage area.
  • Our school building is the same as a cytoplasm because it holds everything in the inside.
  • A paper shredder is like a lysosome because they both break down things.
  • Ribosomes are like lunch ladies because they both make proteins.
  • The principle is like our DNA because it holds the information in the school
  • Our principal office is like our nucleus because the DNA stays in it.
  • Our hallway is like a smooth ER because things pass to it
  • The battery helps power the generator and the generator is like the mitochondria which power things.
  • The wall is the same as cell membrane because it protects everything inside