Modern Macbeth Project 3
Updated: 2/21/2021
Modern Macbeth Project 3

Storyboard Text

  • Both of you realize that Banquo is the enemy.
  • Same. I'm willing to do anything if it fixes my life or ends it.
  • I've been screwed over by this cruel world. I don't care what I do.
  • That is true, my don
  • I hate the guy. I could kill him as the don, but Banquo and I have shared friends. I need you to kill him so I can pretend to mourn after his death.
  • I see the fire within your eyes. In the next hour, I'll give you the plan. It's important that I'm not seen as a suspect. It's also vital to the plan that you kill both Banquo and his son away from here. Decide whether or not you agree.
  • Give us the orders and we'll do it.
  • Though our lives -
  • Excellent! I'll call you soon. Wait inside.
  • We're in, my don.
  • Banquo, your fate is sealed. If you're going to heaven, it'll be tonight.
  • Soldiers exit.