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Updated: 11/12/2020
Unknown Story
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  • YAY!! That's my husband! <3
  • Woo. I just LOVE taxes. >:(
  • Is this really want France needs? A stupid, chubby, indecisive boy as our king?
  • Aha, I am a noble. What are you?
  • Those people back there have it so well! I wish I was something more than a peasant...
  • I am the highest position in government. I love being apart of the Second Estate!
  • Do you not think it is unfair that us poor people have to spend every cent we have in taxes???
  • You're right! This is horrible. :(
  • The Bourgeosie was furious when King Louis XVI was crowned royalty. Everyone mocked him and thought of him as a terrible king who could not make decisions for himself.
  • We want a new system!! NOW!
  • Why does THREE percent of the population get two votes while NINETY SEVEN percent gets one vote. This is not fair!
  • The Ancien Regime was a social system used in France. Members of the First Estate, the Clergy, had the best jobs. The Second Estate, the Nobility, consisted of many Nobles. Their jobs were not as good as the Clergy's jobs. The Third Estate, the Bourgeosie, was the worst estate. There were peasants, laborers, merchants, and more.
  • We are the National Assembly! We deserve more!
  • Much debt was added to the tons that they already had from Louis XIV. There was even a bad harvest, too, which caused flour prices to soar. Not to mention, the Third Estate was taxed very unfairly. The people who barely had any money to begin had to pay. Meanwhile, the other two estates did not have to face paying taxes.
  • The Estates General was French Congress. They used an unfair system where three percent of the population could easily outvote ninety seven percent of the population. Instead of counting by head, which would have the Bourgeosie in favor, they counted by estate, which had the Clergy and Nobility in favor.
  • After the Third Estate was getting fed up with the unfair system, they met on a tennis court to deliver the Tennis Court Oath. They pledged to meet under any circumstance until justice was served. They titled themselves, "The National Assembly."
  • After hearing a rumor that gunpowder is stored in the Bastille, many stormed the building in hopes of fuel to their weapons. A revolution broke out because of this, and Louis XVI fired the one good thing he did, hiring an intelligent treasure.
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