Positive Feedback Loop
Updated: 11/13/2020
Positive Feedback Loop

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  • I can't believe that we're graduating...TODAY!
  • Karen ,everything's going to be okay, this is the day we've been waiting for since freshman year.
  • Thanks Emma, you're right!
  • Haha I know... I'm always right
  • Rouse's class of 2021 had finally approached the day of graduation.
  • You go girl!
  • Karen is a bit nervous as the day is here Emma reassures her today will go great and that this is their day and that nothing will get in the way of that.
  • ...
  • The group of friends are ready to graduate Rouse High School.
  • I'm glad you're ok
  • That was embarrassing
  • Yea, you scared us!
  • Emma started her walk across the stage...when she started to stumble
  • Yay Emma!
  • Emma (receptor) had tripped and scrapped her knee. Her first reaction was to look and see the scrap (afferent)Her brain told her that it hurt so she cried...
  • ...
  • When Emma tripped and fell... her brain immediately told her to look at it and feel the pain (efferent)The signal sent to the brain was caused by the hit of the floor and the reaction from the crowd (effector)