Updated: 10/1/2021

Storyboard Text

  • God planed our creation. He created heaven and earth. God put wild life and trees and plants. Our God planed and created our earth perfect for us.
  • God then did the finishing touches and he divided light from dark and called it day and night. When God knew our world was ready he brought two humans and placed them on earth and helped guide them through their journey of life.
  • They recreated and continued the human population. Bonds were made and our Earth started to become more like home
  • But then people started to disagree and our land started to get polluted. Thoughts started to over take and cloud our judgement. But sometimes as humans we make bad decisions but then the realization is what matters. Our planet started to get destroyed, colonies of animals were eliminated and water were un drinkable. The world we were blessed with was taken advantage of.
  • Once we learn to love our neighbours as ourselves we can work as one team and together treat our earth better. We learn to minimize pollution and only take what we need.We can take the extra couple steps to make sure our water isn't polluted and we leave our land clean.
  • Because overall as stewards of the Earth are duty is to protect our gift and take care of it. God pulls us together and guides us through journeys. We need to come to realize that we only have one earth and we need to respect what god gave us. Making sure everyone gets to live a full life is Gods plan. Because as the bible says Love your self, love your neighbours!