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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • I want the land!
  • We sent some supplies for you, but this doesn't mean we will be nice!
  • Aw man, we need to get new land!
  • It all began when England and France fought four wars to win control of the Eastern half of North America to extent their global empires. They wanted to win over the Ohio River Valley.
  • I am sorry I couldn't help you stay alive. I tried!
  • The leaders from France and Britain sent troops and supplies to North America. The British blockaded the French so they couldn't get through to go to North America.
  • We should stick together and fight!
  • Britain gained a whole lot of land which England was left with a whole lot of debt after the war. The French lost a lot of their land.
  • Hooray!
  • A lot of the British died from Expulsion, but some of them escaped so that mean't that they were sent to Louisiana and became Caujin.
  • The war led to conflict between the colonists and their home country of England. Colonists learned if they untied together that they could fight against their enemies.
  • The British government said that they can't live on the land even though they fought for it. The French surrendered and the British took all.