Doodle for class #1
Updated: 2/7/2021
Doodle for class #1

Storyboard Description

Includes Tawheed

Storyboard Text

  • Then we will press TAB and...
  • Hmmmm..
  • I think I already did, Look out!
  • Tawheed, Get that chicken off your head, you'll warn the guards we're here!
  • No Tawheed Don't steal t-
  • What are you doing?
  • Sure~
  • Your buying me 16 donuts 2 sundaes 1 Vanilla and 1 strawberry Ice cream.
  • I didn't know you LITTERALLY Wanted exactly 16 donuts 2 sundaus 1 vanilla and 1 strawberry ice cream!?!
  • Ok ok, and your freaking scary. Are you some kinda ninja?
  • Don't EVER Prank me again if you want to live
  • Nope!