Sofia Cracolici Chapter 8 Storyboard
Updated: 1/28/2020
Sofia Cracolici Chapter 8 Storyboard
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  • George Washington Presidency
  • Hamilton's Financial Plan
  • Whisky Rebellion
  • During George Washington's presidency, he created the whisky rebellion. He also encouraged people to stay neutral and avoid political parties. Washington Served two terms as president.
  • Republicans vs. Federalists
  • Republicans
  • Federalists
  • Alexander Hamilton wanted to create a national bank to store all of the money inside. Hamilton had a loose interpretation of the Constitution. There was a high tariff on imported goods to help raise money for federal government
  • XYZ Affair
  • The Whisky Rebellion was created by George Washington. During this time, Colonists were taxed for whisky because the government needed money for the debt they had to pay. People such as farmers were unhappy because they didn't want to pay so they decided to rebell and that was when George washington sent a miltia.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • The Republicans were led by Thomas Jefferson and they believed that people should have political power. They favored a strong state government and a strict interpretation of the Constitution. They also opposed they national bank and were pr- French. Federalists were the opposites. They were led by Alexander Hamilton. they believe that the wealthy and educated should have power. they had a loose interpretation of the Constitution, favored the National bank and were pro-British
  • The XYZ Affair was when the argument between France and the U.S increased. Three people were sent over to France and France tried to bribe U.S agents and then we said NO. Federalist wanted war with France and the Republicans did not.
  • The Alien Act was when a person had to live in the U.S for 5-14 years in order to become a citizen. The President could deport or jail any immigrant suspected dangerous. The Sedition Act was crime for anyone to speak or write anything insulting the government.
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