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"Once" Storyboard
Updated: 10/21/2020
"Once" Storyboard
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  • A man, his wife, and their son lived happily ever after in this perfect house and plentiful of other properties. They had a cynical view point of others, so their gardener had to be and was highly recommended by their neighbors and their housemaid was undoubtedly trustworthy.
  • In their local neighborhood, more news and stories of riots and robberies occurring increasingly more often, starts to make the wife worry. The family begins to feel threatened and fearful of the people of color outside their gates.
  • The wife was especially fearful and to reassure her, the husband had electronically controlled gates, speakers at the gates, a security alarm system, an extended gate, and other security installments added into the house. Although it was troublesome, the family felt it was worth the extra safety precautions.
  • The efficacy of the extended gated was soon proven to be inaccurate after the sight of the little boy's cat effortlessly leaping over the 7-foot wall.
  • The family goes on a walk to find the once beautiful neighborhood houses "hidden behind an array of security fences, walls, and devices." After looking at several barricades, the decide that the "Dragon's Teeth" was the only one worth considering. They consult the workforce and it is installed the next day.
  • The son felt inspired to role play as a prince after reading his fairytale book. He ascends up the wall into the razor sharp coils to "brave past the terrible thicket of thorns." He finds himself screaming in pain from the razor sharp teeth sinking into his body.
  • The gardener, housemaid, and his parents all run to his rescue but it was too late. The boy was a bleeding mass and when they finally got the boy out, they carried it back into the house. The boy was dead.
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