Job story bored

Updated: 9/1/2021
Job story bored

Storyboard Text

  • Hellow i came to interview
  • Job interview
  • Its nice meeting you too miss madison
  • I think im good for the job because i think im resposable and i got most A's
  • Job interview
  • Why do you think you are good gor this job?
  • What are three words that someone who knows you would describe you as?
  • Nice,caring resposable
  • Tell me about a difficult situation you have had and how did you overcome it
  • uhm.. i had been bullied for a month until i stuck up for myself and they stopped
  • i would pick a jolly rancher cause there sweet.
  • If you were a/n candy what would you pick?
  • Bye
  • Job interview
  • Alright miss madison it was nice intrveiwing with you have a good day