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Updated: 11/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • "Go home you lazy men..."(3). "... you toss flowers in the path of Caesar, who comes in triumph over Pompey's defeated sons? Go home!"(7).
  • "Quiet, everyone! Quiet!"(11).
  • "Who's calling me?"(11).
  • "Beware of March 15th"(11).
  • Cinna, put these papers on Brutus's chair. I'll throw one through his window and put one on his ancestors statue. We have to get him on our side before the morning.
  • "He's insane. Let's leave him. Let's move"(11).
  • "I don't Cassius, though I love Caesar very much"(17).
  • "Really, are you afraid of that? Then I have to assume you don't want him to be king"(15).
  • Why is he held up like a god, he is the same as you or me?
  • Caesar fainted, oh no!