Updated: 2/8/2020

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • We need to trade for gold.
  • We need to trade for salt.
  • Gold came from the forest region south of Ghana. The Wangarans needed to trade for gold to purchase things.
  • Salt came from the Sahara. The North Africans need to trade for gold because it is good for their diet, it preserves food, because it taste good, and cattle need it.
  • I would like to trade my salt for gold.
  • So much gold!
  • Salt is important because people need it for their diet, it is also really good, and it can help prevent spoiled food.
  • So much money!
  • So much salt!
  • Gold is important because they needed it to purchase things like silk and porcelain. They also needed gold to make gold coins and or trade.
  • The North Africans would place an offer, then they would bang the drums, then the Wangarans would come and see the offer, they have the decision to now, accept the offer, or decline and wait for the offer to raise.
  • It benefited Ghana because they got more wealthy by taxing peoples goods. It benefited the Wangarans because they could make gold coins, purchase more things and buy silk and porcelain. It also benefited, North Africans because now, they can be healthy and have more salt in their diet, and not have spoiled food.