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  • Newton
  • Hi, my name is Isaac Newton if you look to your right youll see one of my dicoveries.
  • light has a combination of colors.
  • Galileo
  • Hi, my name is Galileo. If you look to the right youll see my heliocentric theory.
  • this is the Heliocentric theory.
  • i wonder if in the future my theory will be important.
  • Copernicus
  • Hi, my name is Copernicus.
  • the heliocentric theory.
  • Isaac Newton discovered that we are atrracted to the earth and he also discoverd that light has a combination of colors. Newton's law of gravity furthered the laws of motion which continued the challenge of old theories. Isaac Newton was also a writer and published his work in 1687 which was than named to be the most famous physics book.
  • Bacon
  • Galileo was an italian polymath and was the son of Vincenzo Galilei, a famous musician. He is well known as "The father of science" since he discovered that all planets revolve around the sun. In 1632, Galileo offered support for the Heliocentric theory of Copernicus and later published a book that his theory was correct.
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Roman Catholic Church.
  • Copernicus was an Astronomer and created the Helicocentric theory. One of his books was banned by the catholic church in 1543. He studied painting and mathematics at the University of Cracow. In 1510, Copernicus moved to a residence in the Frombork cathedral chapter which he lived at for the rest of his life. His full name is Nicolaus Copernicus.
  • Francis Bacon was a philosopher and a lawyer. He was a speaker of the parliament and James I's lord chancellor. He was born in 1561, at York House off the Strand, London. In 1576, Bacon had been admitted as a senior governor "ancient" of Gray's Inn, one of the four Inns of Court that served as institutions for legal education.
  • I'm, Sizziling today
  • A conflict was started between the scientific revolution and traditional religious beliefs of the church. The theories and books were also led to conflict with the church. The bible by the Roman Catholic Church served as authority for the rise of science. The teaching of the church were based on faith and revelation which offered evidence for its theories.
  • I do not aprrove of the scientific revolution.
  • Throughout the years scientific revolution led to more and helped develop the ideas of unlimited and limited governements. Thanks to the scientific revolution we know have, light, a better model of the telescope, the scientific method, unlimited and limited governments and more.
  • thanks to the scientific revolution we know have all these inventions.
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