Digital Mental Health Wellness & Physical
Updated: 9/10/2020
Digital Mental Health Wellness & Physical

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  • Danica A. Delima, Digital Mental Health & Wellness
  • Ring! Ring!
  • I feel so alone today. I don't know why.
  • Bestfriends Forever😍❤
  • Come over tonight dude I got you
  • Adam! are you okay?
  • I just got anxiety attacks lately.
  • Bestfriends Forever😍❤
  • It's okay to feel lonely sometimes dude life is hard.
  • Every time i grow up the more sadness I feel. I'm done now, i'll be there in a min.
  • Adam Left the chat.
  • Adam just got a bad news about his job. He wasn't choosen as a general manager, he did all his best to achieve the position.
  • Bro, I have a suggestion to make you feel comfortable in cause you got anxiety attacks again.
  • Hi bro. What's on your mind now? Are you doing good?
  • I got anxiety attacks lately. I don't now why I feel worthless.
  • You need to create a account in twitter. That social media can help me to survive through my loneliness. You can search for an friend there also that you can tell about your mental health in case if I'm not around.
  • Thanks for the concern and your suggestion bro. I'm gonna try this now.
  • Adam was lil bit relieved when he got a message from his bestfriend. He immidiately fix his things and visit his bestfriend.
  • Whats on your mind? Thank you all for understanding and giving advise. I know my mental health can affect my physical contacts. Thank you for supporting me in all my problems that really helps me to solve and be brave at all times.
  • Mental Awareness Group
  • His bestfriend is always by his side but now that they grown up. His bestfriend is now married and got a busy life. So his bestfrien introduce his online diary that helps him also to relive stress.
  • After a long talks with his friend he immediately grab his phone and download the app.
  • So it's been a month since I use twitter. In my past journey here, I've communicated with other people that can relate in my mental health state. Now, I'm still fighting with my emotion, I also learned many things that help me to over come my emotions.