Deadlock in wage negotiations

Updated: 10/6/2021
Deadlock in wage negotiations

Storyboard Text

  • The employees would like an increase in wage for working during this pandemic.
  • On Friday, we will be having a meeting with our manages and we would like you to represent us.
  • All Shoprite outlets should increase the wages of their employees.
  • Sales are down at the moment so we won't be able to increase any salaries at the moment.
  • The following week, Andisiwe was accompanied by another shop steward to visit their trade union organizer. The reason for this visit was to inform their trade union organiser, Mr Tapa, about the issue arising in their workplace and to ask Mr Tapa to represent them at the formal meeting.
  • Most employees are currently the only breadwinners in their households right now. They need a 10-20% increase.
  • Taxi prices have gone up and it is harder to travel to and from work during this lockdown.
  • On Friday, a formal meeting was held to resolve the dispute between the employer organization and employee committee. The trade union organizer was present to represent the employees.
  • Most of our employees received their yearly increase at the beginning of the year and they still want more.
  • The economy is down right now, we are unable to operate normally due to the pandemic and spent so much on implementing safety measures.
  • The employees were not satisfied with the results of the formal meeting and decided to lodge their dispute to the CCMA. They sent a letter to the CCMA and sent a copy of the letter to their managerial board.
  • Unfortunately we've failed to reach an agreement today. I'll issue out a certificate for this case, You must return next week to meet `our mediator.
  • Two weeks after the formal meeting was held, both parties were invited to the CCMA for conciliation. The conciliator first sat down with the shop steward and trade union organizer privately to hear their side of the story.
  • Then the conciliator sat down with the employers to hear their side of the story.
  • After meeting both parties separately the conciliator sat down with both parties to help them reach an agreement.