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Updated: 11/19/2020
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  • Sunny Street Coffee Shop
  • Allison and Kristy are at the cafe. Allison says that she has exciting news; she was accepted into the college she wanted! Kristy is so excited for her friend and tells her how happy she is. Even though she wanted to get into that college, she is supportive.
  • Stormy Street Coffee Shop
  • Allison knows that Kristy is probably sad that she wasn't accepted. She wants to do something nice for her friend to make it up to her, so she surprises Kristy with tickets to her favorite singer, Alissa Lee's concert. Kristy is so excited.
  • When the day came that Allison had to leave for college, the two girls had a hard time parting. They knew they were going to miss each other, so they promised to call each other every weekend and visit each other on holidays. Finally, they parted ways.
  • Rachel and Brittany are at a cafe. Rachel says that she has exciting news; she was accepted into the college she wanted! Brittany is furious that Rachel would leave her. She accuses Rachel of betraying her and storms off.
  • On the bus the next day, Brittany didn't sit with Rachel as she did every other day. Brittany didn't even talk to Rachel. Instead, she talked to Emerson, Rachel's twin sister.
  • Brittany wouldn't talk to Rachel for the rest of the school year. When Rachel had to leave home, she had imagined Brittany being by her side. Instead, Brittany was at her house with Emerson. Rachel was heartbroken that Brittany refused to say goodbye.
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