Sarah Osbourne

Updated: 9/9/2021
Sarah Osbourne

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  • Hey you! Sarah Osbourne! According to the testimony of some bewitched girls, you gave them the disease! You are a witch.
  • What? No! I'm not a witch!
  • Yes you are. These girls have said that you stuck knitting needles into them and gave them a witch disease, straight from the devil
  • But that argument is flawed. You can't just trust what others say to you, especially if it's to accuse others of witchcraft
  • Hey come back here!
  • I'm not a witch!
  • You are under arrest.
  • Samuel and Charlie
  • Samuel and Charlie
  • Jail is miserable. I shouldn't even be here.
  • I was a social outcast in my town, and I haven't attended church in 3 years. Also, I'm in serious legal trouble with the Putnam family. That's probably the real reason I got arrested.
  • On May 10, 1692, Sarah Osbourne passes away while in jail.