Franks Comic Fine Period 8 MP3
Updated: 2/14/2020
Franks Comic Fine Period 8 MP3
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a comic on different Frankish kings/figures

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  • Yes, your majesty we will began the prepartions for your baptism.
  • Pastor, I would like to get baptised
  • Anoint me as the King, and I swear to protect the chruch at all costs.
  • Yes, your majesty
  • Clovis is with the Pastor, and is soon to be baptized, since he converted to Christinaity shortly after his battle.
  • You must chose to convert OR die!
  • Charles Martel and his army wait for the Muslims to engage in battle. They wait in the middle of two rivers, in a forest so that the Berber Muslims will find it diffuclt to attack them.
  • Pepin meets the Pope and convinces him to anoint Pepin as the king if he would swear to protect the church. 
  • Oh heavenly Father, please guide my sons to become succcesful and great kings.
  • Charlemagne gives the citizens to either convert to Christanity or die, he was known for spreading Christianity "at the tip of a sword" (as shown in the picture).
  • Roland fights off the soldiers as he waits for the rest of his army to join him in battle, just as they reach Roland is killed on the battfield. He made a huge scrifice for his kingdom and a french poem, The Song of Roland was written about him.
  • Louis was a very religious man, hence his nickname Louis the Pious, the image above shows him praying at church for this sons to perform their duty as kings well.
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