Story of an Hour by Erik Mitchell
Updated: 3/18/2021
Story of an Hour by Erik Mitchell

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  • Title slide
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Story of an hourAuthor:Kate ChopinName: Erik Mitchell
  • Climax
  • ???
  • Setting: Her homeSituation: Her Husband diedCharacter: Mrs Mallard, Josephine, Brent Mallard, RichardMood: Depressing, Sad, Lonely
  • Falling Action
  • Start of the Story we found out that Mrs Mallard has a heart problemThen she found out that her husband diedLater she went into a room alone and thought about her husband and herself.
  • Resolution
  • She was happy that her husband died. She had freedom and was yelling "free,free,free".
  • After she was alone in her room she went down stairs with her sister.Then Her husband walked in and Richard tried to hide Brent from Mrs Mallard
  • After she had seen her husband walk in. She died from a heart disease or shock that could've made the heart disease happen then.