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Updated: 4/27/2020
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  • Up in the Sky World there lived a happy couple; the wife was expecting a child.
  • I have an aching feeling to eat something delicious.
  • At the beginning there was no world, no land, no creatures of the sort around us now, and there were no people. Yet there was a huge ocean that filled as much land as anybody could see. There was a massive vacuum of air over the water. And the birds of the sea lived in the air; the fish and the animals of the water lived in the ocean. Much above this inhumane planet, there was a Sky World, or a land of the stars.
  • Up in the Sky World lived gods; they were much like people.
  • The wife and husband lived happily, and busily. The husband was distracted in looking for things for his wife to eat, and stumbled upon a great tree in the middle of Sky World.
  • You want to get bark from the sacred tree? Never.
  • I think I should get bark from that tree. It could be a remedy...
  • The Great Tree grew in the center of the Sky World, which was not like any of the trees we know. It was terrific; it had flourished there forever. It had immense roots stretching out from the floor of the Sky World.
  • This tree was sacred, and was not meant to be broken down, or mutilated, or have any other force harm it, including the beings who lived in the Sky World.
  • The woman decided she needed some bark from one of the roots of the Great Tree — maybe as a snack or as a remedy, we don't know. That is what she told her husband. He didn't like the thought at all. He knew it was incorrect. Yet she insisted, and in the end, he gave in.
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