Moksha Pt. 1

Updated: 10/7/2021
Moksha Pt. 1

Storyboard Text

  • Harriet is inquiring with a monk about how to achieve a sense of Moksha in her life. She wants to find out which Yoga lifestyle is suitable for her and her busy life.
  • The monk asks her whether she likes seeing the good in other people to which she replies yes. He asks her if she wishes to incorporate some of her life into her worship. Also a yes
  • The monk advises her to practise a particular form of Yoga known as Karma Yoga. This Yoga revolves around acting well and doing good deeds for others. This Yoga is excellent for working people to incorporate into their busy lives due to its focus on seeing God in everything and everyone around you.
  • Saarah and Pablo are looking to dedicate more of their life to the their beliefs of one God. Recently they have come to recognise that they believe in one main God and would like a Yoga to help them carry out worship for their one particular God
  • The monk tells the couple to try the Yoga. It is best for people that want to devote allotted times to the worshipping of their Gods.