Updated: 12/20/2019
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  • rising action
  • resoulution
  • climax
  • " we minster of edication is pleased to invit mr.loiseland his wife. " mathilde was upset wonce haering this news because she had no good dress or any jewals. so mr.loisel gave her money for dress. then he said to go to her freinds house.
  • falling action
  • she goses to friends house and she is glad to hand over her necklace for the night.
  • resulation
  • wonce mathidle and her husband got home she noticed the necklace was gone. so the called the place and they said nothing was their.but stillevery day they checked but noone found it.
  • theme/conflict
  • since they looked everywere and could not find anything. they deside to buy her a new one. because of that they sold their house and got a smaller one to help with the necklace.
  • they paid everything off by barrowing money. another way they saved is they stopped hiring alittle girl to help them around the house.
  • one day as mathilne was on a walk and she so mademe forster. she did not reconize mathine. at the end mademe said it was " a cheap copy".
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