4 Panel Comic Strip

Updated: 2/9/2021
4 Panel Comic Strip

Storyboard Text

  • Please help the kid...
  • We will look to the issue some other time and we also have other priorities.
  • Pia decided to volunteer for a non-governmental organization during summer before she became a grade 11 student.
  • She learned that most of the street children was engaged in doing illegal activities. One day she found one of the children who used to go to the shelter so she went to talk to him.
  • Pia and her volunteer organization reported the incident to the proper authorities. But sadly, the authorities didn't give much of their attention from the case. Knowing that it was also reported months ago. It doesn't mean that poverty and child abuse is a normal case we will not focus into the issue. Just like Pia, we should volunteer from this kind of organization so that we could help those people in needs.