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Updated: 10/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Inès, middle school is very good!
  • ok-ok-ok-okay...
  • Don't be late
  • Hello, I'm mrs sara.
  • For the first day of shcool, Inès, is very anxious!The girl is with her best friends, Kimberley, who is very optimistic!
  • No stay in the middle of the cafeteria!!??
  • Fatima, you are right, middle school is very go...
  • ok-ok-okay!
  • Ok-ok-okay headmaster!
  • Now, fatima must go in her classroom of english.But, before, she taches her books and the headmaster, very mad and crazy, yells at her!The girl is most anxious than his morning!!
  • Middle school is very fun except the mad headmaster!
  • It's very good Inès!
  • fatimas is reassured, the teacher is very nice and the pupils are fun!After english, there is break time.
  • I can not wait to go back! See you tomorrow!!
  • Me too! Se you tomorrow! Bye!
  • It's the break time, the girls eat pastas and fruits and drink water.Inès loves middle school but hates the evil headmaster!With he, the school looks like a prison!
  • It's the class of physical education.fatima is very happy to be in middle school!
  • The girls go home and fatima is very excited to go to school!