BME of The Emperors Riddle

Updated: 7/29/2020
BME of The Emperors Riddle

Storyboard Text

  • Oh, and Mia and her family are just arriving to Fuzhou, China, where they meet some family members, like there Aunt Lin.
  • Hi everyone! It's Sina! Today I will literally tell you the shortest version of The Emperors Riddle By Kat Zhang. Enjoy!
  • Beginning
  • Were here!
  • Looks different then expected...
  • Mia darling!!
  • AUNT LIN!!!!!!!!
  • I heard you had visitors so I decided to visit. I cannot stay long my...wife is sick.
  • Ying!! What a pleasant surprise!
  • That "Ying" guy creeps me out/.
  • Middle
  • In the middle of the story, the Aunt Lin's old friend comes over. Mia doesn't like him by first sight. l Lets go to the end. By the way, Mia discovers the treasure map too.
  • Mia you did it!!
  • You will never take me ALIVE!
  • No...we did it.
  • End!
  • Let me explain. Ying actually kidnapped Mia, Jake (not in picture) an Aunt Lin. Since Ying wanted the treasurer for his wife's health. So, when Mia was solving the riddle, he was following them the whole time. I hoped you enjoyed this. See you later!!