Andrew Jackson
Updated: 3/16/2020
Andrew Jackson

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  • Make sure you tell them you got your information from TCI and google websites
  • Hi this is Chloe Freeman and I don't believe Andrew Jackson should be on the $20 bill because he made some very poor decisions and was a selfish person who only thought about himself.
  • Most people might say that he should be on the $20 bill but during the Jacksonian Democracy he had tried to expand rights for men to help them.
  • But that was during the time that we were trying to help women's rights not men.
  • I also just found out that Jackson removed all of the federal funds from a bank. He had told everyone that they didn't need the bank anymore.
  • Exactly my point that didn't help our country it only made it worse for woman
  • Guess that does make him a pretty bad person to take others lands .
  • Didn't he help some of his servants get better jobs as people in the government in the spoils system? That was a great act on his part.
  • Yes, but don't you remember the Indian Removal Act? He had tried to take the natives land because they had found out that there was gold underneath them. So they made a law to where they could shoe them off and take their land.
  • That is amazing because they won't have to go to anyone to ask if they can do something. They can make their own choices and be their own people.
  • Even though I hate to admit it i just found out he let each state have their own rights which is great because each state can do whatever it feels is good for them.
  • Yes, Jackson had put everyone in a panic. He had actually caused the political party to change.
  • What did he do that was so bad? Did he affect the people or systems?
  • All of these acts that he did made him not worthy of being on the $20 bill.
  • Well I learned that he sent people into chaos and just made it harder on them instead of easier. He made a very bad economical decision!
  • Did you know that when Jackson made the decision to get rid of the bank that was an economical decision?