Juan Ponce De Leon
Updated: 1/27/2020
Juan Ponce De Leon
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  • You know Juan, if you think about it, it sure would be nice to be young forever! Grey hair is coming soon!
  • Juan, you're talking to yourself again, and I think that you need to go take a sip of the fountain of youth!
  • Oh yes! We learned about the legends of the fountain of youth when father told us stories as a kid!
  • Juan Ponce De Leon, the Spanish explorer! I like the sound of that!
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  • Your highness, I was wondering if I could have your permission to explore to find the Fountain of Youth.
  • Of course you can, as long as you bring back a barrell for me! HaHa!
  • I shall take good care of this ship! Our crew shall avoid storms, illness, and Sea monsters the best that we can.
  • It's 1513, and Juan Ponce de Leon is starting to wonder if he can do something about his aging self. 
  • With the motivation from his friend, he is eager to go talk to the queen and king for permission to go to the new world.
  • My son, there is much for you to learn about life. Yes, our whole crew has died, but we must keep on going. To the New World!
  • For Glory?
  • Now that he has gotten the king's permission, he is ready to set sail!
  • Excuse me, where can we find the Fountain of Youth? We've been traveling for so long, and we need rest.
  • I am sorry. There is no Fountain of Youth, but you may join us, and become a part of our tribe.
  • Using the astrolabe, for navigation, a compass, for direction, and a new ship called the Caravel, with better sails to help make it a safer in high winds. They will have a wonderful trip to the new world, and they will be safe. Little do they know, a storm is quickly picking up, and not even their new technology can save them.
  • Good luck!
  • Their whole crew has died due to the storm, but they are determined to keep on going. The Fountain of Youth is awaiting them!
  • Yes, for Glory.
  • While Juan Ponce de Leon never found the Fountain of Youth, he still made an incredible journey to the new world.
  • Of course, thank you very much!
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