Unknown Story
Updated: 2/13/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Background
  • Dream
  • Why This Dream?
  • My name is Hadi Elnaial, and my family is originally from Lebanon, Syria. My father works as a singer and an Architect in Hackensack, New Jersey, and my sister is an assistant at a Dentist Office.
  • Obstacles To My Dream
  • I dream of becoming a comic book artist, making and selling my own ideas and stories among the comic book industry. At the same time, I also dream of working as a game designer on the side.
  • How Will I Achieve This Dream
  • I have been surrounded by art and had always loved art, but comic book art interested me ever since I was young because of its focus on detail and emphasis.
  • Balancing school and art is a major obstacle to balance not only for myself personally, but several artists in general. In addition, the salary of a comic book artist is below average based on its low interest today. Meaning, people do not read or collect as muck comic books as opposed to the 1960's-1990's.
  • I will achieve this dream by drawing as much as I possibly can and utilize the internet now to sell my drawings and stories on websites to get an understanding of the business world and gain profit at the same time at a young age.